Inclusiveness, Professionalism, Respect & Consistency.

At Station Street we believe in Unity. Unity between our members and unity between our coaches.
This combined with hard work and enjoyment is what sets us apart from the rest!



Adrien Toro

Head Coach / Founder
  • BsC Exercise Science – Health & Human Anatomy
  • Poliquin Periodisation & Program Design
  • CrossFit Level 1 & 2
  • Strength System

Adrien holds a wealth of knowledge about the human body functions. Over the last 10 years he has studied the work of Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, and Gymnastics. He believes that health and fitness is not just a physiological adaptation but also a psychological and one cant not work without the other. His passion is to teach and educate the community about his experiences with these modalities, as he believes they are the key to longevity. In his spare time Adrien enjoys skateboarding, surfing, golf and hanging with his mates.


Daniel Moore

Head of Programming / Coach
  • BSc Sport Science – University of Western Australia
  • Qualified sports nutritionist with Sports Nutrition Australia

Sport, fitness and nutrition are what drives Daniel’s day to day living. Having been through a personal health and fitness transformation himself, Daniel has developed a passion and drive to help others achieve their desired fitness goals and believes there is a strong correlation between one’s physical and mental states. His love for food and nutrition for performance has shaped the way Daniel lives day to day, he loves experimenting with nutrition and educating people on the countless advantages that come with good nutrition.

Daniel loves learning new things and has explored many different modalities of training, such as; CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, bodybuilding, a vast array of conditioning and gymnastics. Daniel has also played high level cricket for several seasons (representing WA in underage cricket), which has developed his understanding for the importance in longevity and the role health and fitness has in shaping it.

Away from the gym, Daniel loves spending his time playing cricket, golf, surfing, camping, spending time with friends and further educating himself.



  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1

From a young age, health and fitness has always been a priority for Charlotte. Growing up, she competed in high level dancing around Australia, as well as competing in athletics throughout most of her schooling. 

This passion transcended into her love of the gym. At the young age of 15; Charlotte took a particular interest in resistance training (weights), where she forged a solid base to pass on her learnings to others. These learnings lead to a career choice in personal training; where she has become a coach who prides herself on; encouraging, inspiring and motivating others to lead a more healthy lifestyle. 
Charlotte strives to improve her clients quality of life through the different modalities of training. She believes training has knock on benefits to both one’s mental and physical well-being.
When she is not in the gym, Charlotte can be found at the beach, camping or participating in competitive sports!


Conor McEleny

  • Crossfit 1
  • Certificate IV in fitness

From playing football through high school I developed an interest in coaching when given the opportunity to coach younger year groups. Whilst beginning crossfit at a similar time i then completed my cert 4 in fitness and began coaching crossfit and strength & conditioning from an early age.

Over the years of training, competing and coaching crossfit I have a wealth of knowledge that comes with strength training, endurance, gymnastics and overall fitness.

When it comes to coaching I pride myself on building relationships with clients to give them the best possible experience while training in my classes.

Outside coaching I train to one day compete at the crossfit games! Which takes up 90% of my time 😂

the rest goes to spending time with my partner, family and following Glasgow Celtic